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Carbon emissions

We currently offset our carbon emissions by supporting the growth of hemp farms in Ireland, which sequester large amounts of C02 within the same year it is planted. When planting trees, they are slow to sequester C02 and it is difficult to know whether they will be protected in the future. We want to make an impact right now so we believe this is the best solution for us. However, we will look to support rewilding projects should we find a suitable project we believe in.



Due to the long shelf life of amla powder and the product originating from a hot and humid environment, we have been advised to use packaging that keeps out light and provides strong barrier protection to maximise freshness and shelf life of the product. This unfortunately means our packaging is not free from plastic - it is however foil lined and does not contain BPA or phthalates and is approved by the Soil Association.

We are looking for solutions to make the product packaging fully recyclable – i.e using glass jars- but it is not always straight forward when making calculations as to the greenest option when factoring in transport over large distances. It is also our aim is to keep as much of the money from the production of amla in India – and with our supplier using high tech facilities we believe it is best they pack the product for us, rather than having it repacked once it arrives in the UK, effectively producing twice the packaging.

We have managed to source letterbox friendly postage boxes that require no sealing tape to help reduce waste where we can. We also use vegan ink for the company branding.

If you have any questions or want to provide feedback don't hesitate to contact us at

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